Sony NEX vs m4/3rds vs Samsung NX

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Sony NEX vs m4/3rds vs Samsung NX

Here are my thoughts in no particular order

1. Could it be that the huge lens mount is to possibly allow FF sensors in the future? If so NEX = massive winner for this A900 user...

2. High ISO looks good... not that I use high iso much but hey...

3. Samsung is dead... their first offering has no advantages except a small price advantage over the Oly Epl-1... function is worse... iq is worse... no system... slow introduction... they coulda been a contendah but m4/3rds beat them to market and Sony is taking them to school with the variety they are offering at launch...

4. Panny / Olympus better get their rears in gear wrt pricing and releasing some more lenses cause it looks like Sony is hitting the ground running with this system... cause price wise the Sony is set to sell rather than squeeze out early adopter money...

5. Sony spent all their time on this instead of an A700 replacement or regular alpha system stuff... it remains to be seen if that is time well spent or not... it also remains to be seen if Sony is going to be leaving it's current alpha system users hanging like Olympus is with regular 4/3rds...

6. Could they make the lenses any bigger? I mean what's the point of having a body that's smaller than m4/3rds when the lenses more than make up for that small size advantage? Sony's concept seems to be less of a hybrid like Panasonic and especially Olympus are going and more "Well we decided to make an APS back for lenses"

7. Wonder what the video is like. DSLR gimmick or GH1 competition?

8. Quirky aesthetics... definitely not pocketable except with the 24mm efl pancake and people (including me... but I won't turn it down if the IQ is right) seem to like longer focal lengths for pancakes... will the functionality be up to Panny / Olympus / DSLR standards or will it be more geared to P&S.

9. Wonder how functional Alpha lenses will be... Fully? Only SSM and SAM? MF only like Panny? and of course there is no room for normal SuperSteadyShot...

10. Dunno if the one control dial is enough for the NEX... they maybe should have made it a tad bigger but given it a more proper wheel or two like the EP-1/2...

11. Poor Sigma... they can't ever win can they?

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