Digital vs film for indoor sports

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Re: Digital vs film for indoor sports

hotdog321 wrote:

It sucked. Big time. Totally different shooting style--trying to hit just "peak" action--the player at the top of the jump or a scramble on the floor for a ball. Some places allowed the use of flash.

I have to say that it only sucked if you didn't know what you were doing . . .

Generally speaking, a "standard" sports shot in today's newspaper would be a contest winner 25 years ago.

Sorry, but I don't agree . . .

I see more mediocre shots today that would have been tossed directly in the recycle bin just after a very slight glance from a photo editor.

Today it is all about 'cheap', since most publications don't have big budgets to pay for images or to keep a photo staff anymore, and are willing to accept free images from hobbiests who get overly excited when they get 'published'.

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