need decent sling/backpack and travel tripod

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Re: need decent sling/backpack and travel tripod

I just invested in both items for business and leisure use. I am very happy with my Feisol carbon fibre travel tripod. I bought the CT-3441 w. CB30C ball head and optional spikes. Feisol has released their tripod line recently with speed collars for their leg tightening system. It might be worth checking out if this costs extra, as the only beef I have with the tripod is that you have to be fairly consistent and deliberate with your tightening technique, which can slow you down. But as it is the tripod Is amazingly lightweight, stable, and strong.

As for the bag, I purchased Think Tank's "Shape Shifter". It's amazing in its flexibility. I can easily carry D700, 24-70 / 2.8, 80-200 / 2.8, SB900, Pocket wizard, grip, tripod, and 15" MacBook Pro and misc. cards, external drive, jacket, water bottle etc. I don't do it often as it does get heavy but the design and harness keeps it well distributed for cool comfort. And when I don't need all that gear it can collapse into a soft structure that is great for daily uses.

I did a lot of research the post few months talking to camera reps, reading blogs and forums and found these products were solid and fit my diverse needs.

You won't go wrong with either choice but you could make half a dozen other choices and perhaps be just as happy, depending on your personal criteria.

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