50d/7d and lens dilema

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50d/7d and lens dilema

I want to buy new camera in next dazs, but I can not get final decision. At moment my "top three" are

1/ C50d + S17-70os
+ good price
+ nice bokeh, some macro (flowers)

  • lack of video (but I'm not sure how moch I will use this feature if I take 7d)

  • afraid from to get bad copy of lens (lenstip.com review shows very nice results, some users are not so satisfied with corner sharpness)

2/ C50d + C17-55is
+ sharpness, 2.8
+ speed, USM

  • not so optimal bokeh and CA

  • only 55mm

  • price

3/ C7d + C15-85
+ video
+ viefinder size and features (grid, level)
+ colors

  • some RAW noise at low ISO

  • expensive

  • lens - vignetting, 5.6, CA at 15/85mm

I plan C100/2.8m and 55-250is too.

Some owners of 50d/7d + S17-70os here ? I'm very curious about your experiences. Thank you very much.

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