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Re: Butterflies - a couple of lucky ones

SteB wrote:

Very nice and I love the Pearl Bordered Fritillary as I have to travel to find these. I find Orange Tips the most maddeningly frustrating butterflies to try and photograph. They always look as if they are going to land, but really they are just teasingly fluttering around.

Thanks for that and other comments. I've very lucky in that I can reliably see around 40 of the UK species within 10 miles of my home, and where I work. Orange tips seem to defy being cold blooded...they have no need for rest even when the sun goes in. The one I photographed was flying for 10 minutes in total cloud, although it was a warmish (16 C) day, before it finally settled. I got three shots off before it returned to flight, still cloudy.

The Pearl Bordered was hanging on for dear life to the end of the branch during high winds and it rested there for 20 minutes, so I had ample opportunity to get a nice picture. I was disappointed when I looked at my pictures as I only had a few in focus, and on those the eye wasn't sharp. However when I think back to the situation with the wind it's not that surprising and maybe I was being a bit harsh on myself.

All the best


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