Problems with Epson Premium Glossy printing

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Re: Problems with Epson Premium Glossy printing

Hi Peter

I'd probably agree with Fredrick and suggest you first try printing by setting Photoshop to Printer Manage Colour, selecting the correct media setting and automatic correction in the driver. This will at least give you a ball park idea of what the image should look like. Your custom profile should only improve on this base print - but I'm not sure by how much as the Epson profiles are normally pretty decent allowing for the fact that the 1290 is an older generation dye base printer.

If the print looks incorrect using the default settings described above then you've got either to look for either an incorrect profile tagged in your image or, and this is probably more likely, check the settings that you used to make the profiles and how you printed the profile target.

While we're on the subject, you mention that you profiled your printer. May I ask what software/hardware you used and has it been tested with other media?

I'm based in Derbyshire, have been involved in professional print and imaging for over 20 years, the last six have been running my own business printing for photographers and agencies around the UK and training in colour management, workflow and image processing. I specialise in printing using Epson printers and have been using them for many years - along with other makes - for many different types of work and I'd be more than happy to discuss your problem with you if you want to call me or drop me a line directly.

My contact details can be found in my profile and on our website at . No obligation or cost involved I promise!

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