Is Nkon experiencing stress?

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Re: Perhaps there is no market?

Your niche of pro sports seems to be the ONLY niche Nikon still pays attention to. See my post above for a list of what's missing from Nikon's line up today. Extension tubes, close up lenses, 800/5.6, all missing. Plus their pro primes (non-sports, granted) are all 20 years old (16, 18, 20, 24/2.8, 85s, 200 micro). Canon has addressed all these areas, Nikon has not. Meanwhile, Nikon has not only put out updated DSLR versions of the 200-400 and the 300/2.8 and other super teles, they've put out TWO versions of all of the super teles since 2000.

The items in my list are not mass-market, I grant, but as I've said, Nikon's reputation in the 90s came from having this full range of gear available to pros of all types. That reputation drove the amateurs to buy the basic N6006 or today's D5000. There's definitely some problem IMO given how incredibly slow Nikon has been moving to refresh their gear line. I'm anxious to get some modern extension tubes, but Nikon hasn't even hinted at whether they're even working on them. Why would they not have introduced extension tubes for the DSLR era in a decade? Very strange. They would seem comparatively easy and cheap to produce. No optics, just a tube that has all the electronic connections to maintain matrix metering and AF in the lens. They even stopped making their old manual extension tubes, so I can't buy those. What's the logic? These are items pros used to want, and Canon's experience seems to show pros still want them.

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