Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

Findings using my mobile phone Nokia E75 with TTGPSLogger and GeoSetter (both free).

Accuracy is rather good: less than 10 sometimes 20 m.

GPS sensitiity of the sofware is much better (with the same hardware!) than Nokia Maps or other applications I have. Only reason has to be that the sotfware is good. I tested: it is even capable to see 4-7 satelites from my bathroom which is just in the middle of my house. With other applications I have to keep my mobile very close to a window if I want to get location inside.

The startup is very fast: 17-18 s after shutdown of phone, 5-6 s if the phone is ON. But and after starting I can forget it into my pocket (to a safe place against rain etc.) and take photos the whole day. You don't have to operate it after starting - only "stop" in the end of photo session. Like most gps-taggers it does not need any gsm, wap or any network data connections to work. Of course you can also hide the user interface and use your phone normally (phone calls, web browsing etc) - the geotagging goes on in the background.

TTGPSLogger software does not need a lot of power from the phone. Today I was using it for 5 hours and still the battery gauge of my phone showed full - I am sure it will last more than ten hours or whole day if my photo session is so long.

The only limitation is how many memory cards and batteries I have for my cameras. I have 2*16 GB (for raw) and only two batteries fro DSLR: the gps-tagger will run longer than my camera. And of course without additional work I can at the same time also geotag the photos (jpg) of my girl friend (or anybody walking with me) and photos which I might take with my point-and-shoot camera which I allways have with me with several memory cards.

GeoSetter: Of course there is no limitations how many pins the software puts on the map: a map pin for each taken photo automaticly for both of my cameras. It also shows the actual walking path between pins and rote before the frist pin and after the last photo till you press "stop".


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