Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

I tried Garmin Etrex hcx and iPhone in my home town.

My findings;

The dedicated gps device is made to last long with a set of AA batteries, it is acqurate with walking, train and so on. Robust and weather resistant. Another plus is ability to drop a many pins on the map as you like. Downside is the maps that are a bit clunky (openstreetmap). I have not seen yet the gps with commercial maps. Weight.

The gsm thingy going gps was a bummer; sloppy upto 100 meters. At times extremely slow to show a map (no wap no map)

Difficult to drop more pins on google map. (you need an account and login to do so)

Delicate device probably not good to consult map in pouring rain. Battery suck, really fast.

Overal eventhough gsm phone offers better choice of quality maps I would never ever use the gps for real situations. A few hours is enough to drain the battery and that means no more geotracking, and no more phone.

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