Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

Low cost solution (no money needed because): I have a gps-sensor in my mobile phone.

I found a free gps-tagger software for my phone (I am using TTGPSLogger for my Nokia but there are free software for iPhone and for others also) which is able to write GeoSetter-compatible coordinate files. I let the phone record the coordintates with timestamps every 30 seconds. Then I connnect the phone to my laptop by bluetooth or USB-cable and drag and drop that file from phone to a PC-directory. GeoSetter is able to find that file automaticly and it writes the coordniates also to raw-files (NEF also - I have Nikon) after only one-two mouse clicks.

When I develop the raw files to jpgs the coordinates are still there and I can see my photos on map in GeoSetter but also in other software.


I did not have to specify any time differences in GeoSetter: only one click to select that we have this 1-hour-day-light-saving in use. But it is important to have the clock of the camera in correct local time.

I don't have much experience how much faster the geo-tagger software ruins the battery of my phone but no problems so far.


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