Should eneloops be "conditioned"? & HS10 battery use so far.....

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This turned into a good thread.....

It appears as though all the early HS10 users complaining about the AA batteries have dissapeared (or returned their cameras). 500 shots from the rechargables certainly seems manageable. The AA advantage certainly came in handy for as I just went and got a set of the lithium ultra's to hold me over until I finished the discharge/charge cycles. What I did not expect was to get 1200 shots from the lithiums! With the limited amount of time & conditions I have to use the camera this time of year, it took me over two weeks to use up the lithiums. Maybe I should have bought some plain alkalines so I could start testing the NiMih's sooner. I did learn one thing - if you are in a situation where you know you will be taking lots of pictures in one day, and do not want to stop to change batteries, or have the warning light come on and not know when the camera will quit or start to lose focus, start the day with a set of these lithium ultra's.

Can anyone explain why there is no such thing as a AA rechargeable lithium battery?

PS: Still waiting for my eneloops. They were shipped USPS - the only business who is losing customers because of poor service, so instead of doing something to increase customer satisfaction, and increase business, they want to eliminate services, and therefore lose even more business - go figure.

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