Looked at theNikon D700 yesterday

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Re: Looked at theNikon D700 yesterday

Lance, thank you for posting this. Please also forward the link to Ned Bunnell. If I were Pentax, I'd be scratcing my head now. I mean --- the founder of LBA (at least the acronym :)) and one of the biggest Pentax advocates is thinking about moving to Nikon. Just right after *isteve went to the other camp too. The rats are leaving the sinking ship

I have been seriously considering the Canon EOS 5D MkII because of the short registration distance. A Nikon would render most of my precious M42 lenses useless. There's no substitution for full frame - once you have seen the large and bright viewfinder and noisefree images then there's no way back.

However, I'll just wait for the coming Photokina. September is very close; they better come up with something serious or my 26-year relationship with Pentax will come to an end this year. Too bad, as Pentax makes the best bodies with regards to the user interface, IMHO.

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