Nikkor AF-D 35 f/2 or AF-S 35 f/1.8 or Tokina 35 f/2.8 macro ???

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Nikkor AF-D 35 f/2 or AF-S 35 f/1.8 or Tokina 35 f/2.8 macro ???

I really connot set up my mind... Looking for a 35 all-around lens for my D90

I own the 35 f/2 D Nikkor. But I use it only stopped down to 2.8 / 4 because corner softness at widest aperture...

I really like this lens but I've read very positive opinions about the Tokina 35 / 2.8 Macro especially for the optical qualities, the good bokeh and macro feature

I'm looking for a all around lens with good CLOSE UP abilities... WITH A GOOD BOKEH

So the Tokina really seems better than 35 F/2 D... What do you think ?

I Know... there is also the AF-S 35 f/1.8 BUT while I've read stellar reviews about it what I don't like is its reproduction ratio and minumum focus distance ... so this one it seems to me not so good for close up photography... is it true ?

In the end I'm looking for:
1. Sharpness
2. Close-up abilities (macro feature of the tokina is a strong add-on here)
3. Quality of the bokeh

Please can you guide me ?

Thanks a lot

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