Recommended Geotrackers?

Started Apr 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
craig mick Regular Member • Posts: 349
Re: There is no value for geotagging

Pete, I absolutely agree with you about the A.R. thing! But maybe it's just us ranting? Why in the world do you need to know exact lat. and long. about where a pic was taken? If you can't remember it wasn't a very memorable trip! Just more gizmos to screw with when you could be shooting! IMHO this runs concurrent with current Facebook and Twitter craze. You could just buy a personal GPS tracker and your wife can follow your whoe trip and when you get home it would show your entire trip on your computer but of course they are probably already doing that!

Whatever happened to lighted dial princess phones? Now there was a good product! OK I'm rambling, sorry

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