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Regarding the poles, it sure is sad in a way, but hey, if anything it adds to the turkish look of the image. Although the turkish people I met were some of the coolest people I ever met, the term building permit must translate to the equivalent of "uh?" in turkish. They are very pragmatic in the question of what to build where. But in a way, that has its charm as well... And since it's sort of characteristic of the place, why not have it in the picture?

As for the camera, I know, and I'm deeply could I ever admit to using an old camera (for christ sake, it's 6 years old, can you imagine that... it's almost older than me! well, taking my mental age into account anyway )... from now on I will manipulate all my exif data, uprez the images and claim they're from the latest and greatest, you know the 8D Mark II (yes, 8D does make a smileyface)? Wanna see any pics from it?

But you know what's actually worse? The lens... I mean I can really not admit that... uhm, no, euh... it still has an electric motor... like... sorry and... no USM... oups... and... oh I'm so ashamed, no superzoom (no zoom at all actually)... no 1.2 aperture either I'm afraid and the worst: no red ring around its front... it couldn't even if it tried hard, they didn't even make L's for EOS back then...

It's in fact a 28mm/2.8 original from 1987 which really makes it my vintage this time and which I sort of inherited (like, without anyone dying... that's the "sort of" part). Luckily so, since what I admit to have once considered a mere joke among it's red ringed fellows in my camerabag has slowly become one of my alltime favorite lenses...

So go on, burn me, but I will hold on to it...

On that note...

All the best,


PS: Good to know there's still people with your kind of humor around here
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