E-P1L AUTO ISO with 20mm so funny

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Re: Shutter priority?

Julian_K wrote:

In that case I'm assuming the camera wouldn't be able to determine aperture or focal length? Would shooting the only option for shooting wth manual focus lenses be Manual mode?

You can shoot manual lenses in P, S, A or M mode.

P mode - the camera will adjust the shutter speed and optionally the ISO. Obviously it can't control the aperture, you do that on your lens. It works just like A mode.

A mode - the camera will adjust the shutter speed and optionally the ISO.

S mode - Since you are controlling the shutter and the aperture, the camera will attempt to adjust the exposure with just the ISO if you set it that way. This might be what the OP wants to use.

M mode. - You control the shutter and set the aperture on the lens. The camera CAN also adjust the ISO if you want if you set it that way. Otherwise it is completely manual and you would look at the screen to adjust the exposure.

To set which modes the camera can adjust the ISO, you
gear menu --> D (EXP/ISO) ---> ISO-AUTO---> pick your modes.

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