Why did you buy the GF1?

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Re: Why did you buy the GF1?

If you base your opinion on the conclusion page alone, you can believe whatever you want to believe, and good luck on your endeavours.

For the rest of you, see for yourselves the RAW noise at ISO 3200.

DPreview also says the K-x is the "star" in the IQ department on their EOS 550 review. Well, I'm not saying GH1 is a bad camera, but comparing its IQ with one of the best APS-C performers is silly, especially at high ISO.

No AF point is a "massive" dealbreaker on a camera without an OVF, like the GH1. With a TTL OVF, you can see clearly where the camera is focusing. People have been doing it for 30 years and still do it now when they manual focus.

Actually when you pause and think about it, not having an OVF is an even more massive dealbreaker than not having the AF points.

Again, I don't shoot with my Pentax anymore (going for m4/3 + FF DSLR). m4/3 has size going for it as its biggest advantage (e.g. the GF1), but in a lot of other aspects even the entry level EOS 500 or a K-x can beat it.

Steven Norton wrote:

Based on looking at both reviews I'd say the pentax doesn't look any better at IQ than the GH1. Even dpreview don't give the pentax much for IQ at the conclusion page especially shooting raw. Then no visible AF points???? Massive deal breaker. Fixed LCD, nothing special there. So so video, all in a heavier body.

No thanks pentax


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