Cut to the chase... ZS3 or TZ5?

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Re: You left out zoom range

Tom K. wrote:

The ZS3 has a "chipped" battery that's stupidly expensive.

There are plenty of third-party batteries out now that work with firmware 1.2, and they are only marginally more expensive than the ebay cheapest.

But even better, though the new ZS3's come with firmware 1.2 (so I discovered), it's easy to "update" them to 1.1. It's almost hard to get mad at Panasonic for doing this when it's so easy to get around. I wasn't happy that mine came with the new firmware, but after checking and finding the only improvement in that release was listed as "battery safety" issue, (meaning they check for a Panasonic battery or it won't power up) I downloaded 1.1 and loaded it up with no problems.

So that part is really only minor; I do agree that the wide angle range is a bigger issue; 25 to 28 may not shound like much, but it is pretty significant.
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