Sigma 8-16...first light!

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Sigma 8-16...first light!

I've been on a mission for several years to get a UWA lens that's just sharp. I've tried on full frame, I've tried on crop, and I've always been a bit disappointed. The Canon 10-22 on crop was nice wide, but was marginal long. The 17-40 had great contrast and center sharpness, but was just not good in the corners at 17 on full frame. The fisheyes were a lot of fun and sharp in the corners, but the effect was a little "much".

When I read the PZ review of the Sigma 8-16 I knew I had to try it out and see if it lives up to the hype...and it definitely does!

I ran it through my torture front yard with lots of trees and harsh shadows. Shows up any issues in a hurry.

Wide open, this lens performs like others I've owned did stopped down. And stopped down to f8, it is very nice even in the extreme corners at 8mm. Contrast is fantastic and CA well controlled (and NO purple fringing!!!).

Below is a wide open test shot. Normally I wouldn't shoot this type of scene wide open, but wanted to see any "issues".

Canon 7d, 8mm, f4.5 (wide open), 1/320", ISO100, RAW converted in DPP with "standard" pic setting.

The 100% crops have had no lens corrections done nor any PP (no sharpening or NR) beyond default settings in DPP.

100% Center Crop:

100% Extreme UL corner crop:

And at f8, the results are even a bit better:

With a quick lens CA correction, it's even nicer in the corners. Remember, this is at 8mm (13mm full frame equiv)!!!

I took some indoor room shots with flood lights in the extreme corners of the frame (my other torture test) and they showed no odd aberrations wide open that even non UW zooms normally show and little tendency to I've seen with a wide zoom.

Definitely a keeper. I now have complete confidence in my lens lineup:

Canon 7D
Sigma 8-16 - best UWA zoom I've owned (crop or FF)
Canon 15-85 IS - best multi-purpose walk-around lens I've owned (crop or FF)
Canon 70-300 IS - an excellent copy...for more portable tele use

Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II - just a WOW lens...calls to me to lug around and I never regret it.
Canon 85 f1.8 - my perfect portrait lens

Full frame just doesn't call to me to go back anymore.
Rick Krejci

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