The Next Big DPR Improvement (please)...

Started May 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP BobTrips Veteran Member • Posts: 7,848
User-friendly Phil replies...

Phil Askey wrote:
Yes, that would work really well for 10 or 15 level nesting.

BobTrips wrote:
There are solutions....

Phil Askey wrote:
I'm all ears.

BobTrips wrote:
Move away from putting each reply in it's own box.

Kick each subsequent post over one or only a couple of characters. Run a colored line down from "parent" to "child".

Be creative with colors. (ROYGBIV)

Just like you do right now for quoted replies. (Except in proper order of occurrence.)

Use full page width when necessary.

Work out a system for a reset to the left when "children" pass a certain number.

Those few times when replies go over 30 deep are rare, seems to me. (You've got the data.)

Seems like when things go that far then it's a back-and-forth between people having a bun fight. And there aren't many branching threads. Just more "Is", "Is Not", "Is", "Is NOT", "IS!!!"....

User Friendly Phil:

OK, I see where you are going with this idea, but I have questions/problems.

How would you deal with (problem here)?

And, thanks for your input. I'm not sure it's a direction we want to go with this site, but how about we open this discussion up to input from users and see what would best serve the community?

I'll start a new thread and invite people to pitch in.

(And User Friendly Phil might look at how neatly displayed the quoted posts are above and think, hummm, wonder if Bob or any other community memeber has an idea of how we might automate replies/quotes so that things were nicely trimmed of excess text?)

(And I wonder if anyone thinks that moving the Post/Undo/Cancel buttons below the Message Preview box might get people to look before they leap?)

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