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Re: There is no value for geotagging

pete zeugma wrote:

I dont see the point.. I've always noted where I've shot a photo, and I keep that information to myself. Its all part of the planning. Why would I want to let people know where I've shot photos.. so they can then go and pinch my locations!

Geotagging is not necessarily for everyone. You may, for example, shoot only a few photos in relatively few locations, and in that case, there would not be a clear need for geotagging. But is it so hard to imagine other people may work differently from yourself, and may indeed have a requirement, or even simply enjoyment out of doing this? Also, not everyone would want to keep their shooting locations a closely guarded secret!

Geotagging has to be the most anally retentive thing next to writing down the numbers of trains and planes!

Now, here we not only see a failure of the imagination, but downright hostility towards other people who do things differently from you.

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