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Re: C1 7D custom function settings for action

Calz wrote:

C.Fn III 1 AI Servo tracking sensitivity

I'd want 'Slow' so it doesn't start hunting around for different things that come into focus I guess or is this how fast the AF works?

  • The purpose is to time when the AF will change to the closest focusing point. The hunting will very much depend on your lens. My 70-200/4 doesn't at all.

C.Fn III 2 AI Servo 1st/2nd image priority

I'm thinking 0 so it makes it a priority to get focus then keep focus over rattling off 16 or so oof shots?

  • The purpose is to direct the CPUs to which task will come 1st. Focus or shoot. That depends on the direction. Coming toward you or sideways...

  • I started to play around with this setting to see how my 7D was reacting and I got completely screw-up. Almost all of my photos, after the first one, were out of focus, so I quit and put it back to the default of 0.

C.Fn III 3 AI Servo AF tracking method

Not sure about this one based on the fact I probably might not be using the centre focus point or when it says 'main' does it mean the one I've selected and the 4 around it can expand out to (in the correct AF point selection mode)

  1. My preference is 1, to ignore the “intruding target” and keep on tracking the “main target”.

  2. If I don't like it, I release my thumb from the AF-ON button and repress to re-acquire the target that I want.

C.Fn III 4 Lens drive when AF impossible
Set to 1 so the focus doesn't go widly out and then have to hunt back again

  1. So far, I've never experienced any hunting with the 70-200/4

  2. My experience has been that that the AF limiter on the lens seems to be more effective but, see #1, no hunting, just a couple of times could not find the focus the 1st time and it did it on the second time.

I have published my take on all the C.Fn III settings at: http://www.foto-biz.com/Category/Canon-7D

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