Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: There is no value for geotagging

Maybe your photos aren't valuable enough that you think in 50 years when you're dead that maybe someone (who might not have your notes) would like to know where the photos were taken? However mine are.

maybe I dont want my notes to be made public; and the value of the photos I have taken are in their uniqueness and mystery surrounding the location.

In addition, when you geotag, you can create a map for yourself with the photos in place. Those of us who think visually find that quite important.

I create a map as I go along as it happens.. one of those old fashioned paper ones, which i also use to plan where to go look for places to photo in the first place.

And finally, you don't see the value of geotagging and that's fine. However, it isn't fine to criticize others because they do. You have your technique and we have ours. And honestly, I think if you tried geotagging you'd see the value in it and drop your other way of doing it....

I've used it, and cant see the point of wasting yet more time infront of a PC

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