Upgrading 40D to 7D???

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jm67 wrote:

MAC wrote:

re jm67 - in a prior post -- he's worried that I'll move to his town when I retire and take his game away...

Oh, I guess you missed the sarcasm. No worries around here about you stealing good paying customers. They prefer quality vs. quantity. Keep your day job whatever it is. It certainly isn't wedding photography and there are very few in this area that'll tolerate hobbyists.

He uses both 7d and 40d for weddings which is monolithic crop thinking imo - he could do better with a 40d and 5d combo imo

You're right. My crop lineup is 7D with 40 backup. My FF lineup is two 5D2s. And I doubt I'd be doing any better by tossing it all for a 5D. You've simply mistaken my support of the 7D for a hatred of FF.

re Dave - dave still shoots film and keeps saying I only have dof control on my mind -- I mentioned at least three factors above many times in prior threads -- he has consistently shown he can't read...

Can't speak for Dave but it's true you keep going from issue to issue and your latest is razor thin dof. You lost out on better noise, lost out on better IQ so have resorted to razor dof. If you really did weddings for a living instead of a hobby you'd know how few times having only the Bride's eye in focus is useful.

I think you summed it up well. The only thing the keeps coming up is this nonsense about DOF control. If he actually had some experience in this, he'd understand that even with a crop sensor camera, you can achieve a DOF that is simply too shallow. When I'm shooting with an f1.4 lens, I'm often stopping down to f1.8 or f2 because the brides don't like having their nose OOF with their eyes in focus. But yes, he's missing he better noise, better DR, more accurate 100% finder, better AF, faster handling, etc. He also can't grasp the concept of using film, nor understanding that I've owned FF digital bodies in the past, and have processed thousands of photographs from the original 5D (and Kodak 14n, 1Ds, 1Ds2, 1Ds3, Nikon D700). He's out of his league in this regard.

regarding both dave and jm67 - both say in this thread to buy glass vs the 7d...obviously they aren't that impressed with their 7d's. What I've said, is that owning a 5d and a 40d opens up more creative shooting opportunities than just one 7d. I've said that when I bought my 5d, I found it was like buying classic, expensive glass - because that is what it gives shooters who know what crop gives and know what a 5di FF gives. Neither dave nor jm67 have owned 5d1

That's not what you said. You told him to sell his 40D. Now who is it that can't read? And if you'd read the OP reply to me earlier, you'd have noticed that his uses for the camera don't warrant buying an old relic. His 40D serves him well and he'd get different creative shots with different lenses. Again, try reading before writing. Typical of you to take the gist of a thread and turn it all into rants and raves about crop vs FF. Try listening to a poster and offering advice for a change instead of...."you oughta sell everything and buy a 5D the rockin-ist camera ever (cause I have one)". Could you at least tell him to buy a 5D2? No, cause you don't have one.

Yes, it's funny how he'd provide advice to someone who takes pictures of there kids and some landscapes, and for some reason need a FF body and a 50 f1.2 lens? This fellow can't grasp the OP's need vs his own crusade for razor thin DOF.

And yes, I have a fair bit of patience. I've seen these web-expert wannabees post for years. They've photographed a couple of weddings, and come on here as an expert....when they haven't yet even been able to figure out how to light a scene without making a 40D look like a point and shoot.

I've found replying to people like that an exercise in futility....as they are so convinced they are the expert, that despite working pros trying to tell them they have a lot to learn, remain convinced of their expertise.

Well, that was a good belly laugh. Thanks.

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