Upgrading 40D to 7D???

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Re: re-invent yourself :)

MAC wrote:

jm67 wrote:

Oh, I guess you missed the sarcasm.


Apparently you did.

You're right. My crop lineup is 7D with 40 backup. My FF lineup is two 5D2s. And I doubt I'd be doing any better by tossing it all for a 5D. You've simply mistaken my support of the 7D for a hatred of FF.

Haha again -- A pair of 5d2's hey? and you even bother to take a 7d to a wedding? better hide now--you are on the wrong forum

Why? You can't stop talking about how having a crop and a FF both at a wedding do wonders for you. Why can't I and my assistant do the same? And yes, you always have extra camera bodies, batteries, strobes and so on. I don't want to have equipment fail and ruin a Bride's day. You just keep relying on your used equipment and leave the people who can afford to fund their business to carry on.

Can't speak for Dave but it's true you keep going from issue to issue and your latest is razor thin dof. You lost out on better noise, lost out on better IQ so have resorted to razor dof. If you really did weddings for a living instead of a hobby you'd know how few times having only the Bride's eye in focus is useful.

no I didn't -- look at the noise comparison in this post:

You don't get it and never will. I can't wait till the day your 5D dies and you start off on how your used 5D2 (when the rest of us are shooting 5D4s) is sooooo much better. I know you won't want to process large files, the newer camera shows too much detail and all the other blather you spout. If you really got paid to do what you pretend at, you'd be able to afford the gear.

That's not what you said. You told him to sell his 40D. Now who is it that can't read? And if you'd read the OP reply to me earlier, you'd have noticed that his uses for the camera don't warrant buying an old relic. His 40D serves him well and he'd get different creative shots with different lenses. Again, try reading before writing. Typical of you to take the gist of a thread and turn it all into rants and raves about crop vs FF. Try listening to a poster and offering advice for a change instead of...."you oughta sell everything and buy a 5D the rockin-ist camera ever (cause I have one)". Could you at least tell him to buy a 5D2? No, cause you don't have one.

Well, that was a good belly laugh. Thanks.

it was -- thanks also -- you have two-5d2's and you are on this forum talking about weddings with a 7d and 40d -- now I'm ROFL...

don't be jealous now...it's not a competition....

I've never ever posted in the FF forums. I haven't had much need for them and when I started adding crops to my gear I got into this one a few years back. Didn't even post much till I got a 7D and got caught up in the rumoured and finally delivered improvements. So?
And you think a 7D (with a 40D in case it err99s) doesn't belong at a wedding?

As I said, don't retire and keep your day job. Leave weddings and paying gigs to people who know the value of cameras be it FF or crop.

I think we should add each other to our ignore lists. Dave and the rest have the patience of saints. I can't imagine having been around these forums for longer than I have and shaking my head over this stuff for even longer. You're not worth the time and I'm ashamed I've wasted so much of mine on you already.

And don't quit your day job.

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I am as ignorant as ever, and wiser than I've ever been.

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