Leica X1 accessories like handgrip, view finder and case

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Re: Leica X1 accessories like handgrip, view finder and case

I find the handgrip essential and always use it. But this is a matter of preference. I have always had a handgrip on my trusty M6 as it allows [me] faster shooting and one hand shooting with the X1.

I use a Voigtlander VF because there were no Leica VF to be found, plus it was about 1/2 the cost of a Leica VF if you could find one. Voigtlander VF is 35mm while the X1 is 36mm -- no big deal. But a VF is even more essential than a handgrip. Composing with that damn screen is a bitch, takes too long, can't be done in some lighting conditions and makes street photography much more difficult [I turn off the sound on my X1.]

In 4 decades of photography, I have never used a camera case and only rarely use a camera bag. Camera bag is very helpful with my truck-sized DSLRs, but not needed for a small camera like the X1 which easily fits in a pocket. Now is the X1 is likely a fragile box compared to the M6 [which has never been in a camera bag] and is still as good as the day I purchased it. If you are going to do street photography, the camera should always be in the standby ready position. For plane travel, my brief case has always worked.

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