Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

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Re: Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

Greetings from France. I have had my HS 10 for a little over two weeks. I strongly recommend that you download the manual and read it at least twice before you touch the camera. I have gone through a couple of sets of batteries just learning how to drive the machine!

A couple of hundred photos so far and no disappointments- that were not my fault. Exceptional close up quality and you would not believe what filled my screen when I caught, at full zoom, the neighbour’s cat walking away from me at 50 metres!

If you are the type that wants to debate whether or not the 4302rd. pixel down from the left hand corner is more square than its counterpart or if it has sky blue pink ( with yellow spots on ) fringing then look elsewhere but if you want a really good all-rounder that will cover by far the most none professional needs, and offer some stimulating challenges- then go for the HS10.

Last tip- talk to your local camera shop re prices. Mine gave me a package that significantly undercut the best Internet deal and it came with a handshake and a smile.
Good luck, Roger

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