Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

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Red Rubi....

Based on the comments of Greg, a professional photographer who posts at the FTF, this camera is only for those who are serious about photography. Links containing his work include the following and may assist with your decision:

On the other hand, if you want an opinion from a hobby photographer like me, I would say that I feel the HS10 is an excellent camera with quirks. The write-time is very slow; some have experienced poor battery use. I feel the NR is very strong and may create blur issues amid some shooting circumstances, particularly where the wide/long reaches are at their maximums. The cable-to-computer hook-up could have been better-made; one person here was hooking up the cable and the little hook-up box detached from the camera. Due to the poorer construction in this area, I'm using a card reader for uploading.

The firmware update appears to have rectified many former issues.

I would purchase the camera again and again and again, but I'm leery at this time to recommend it to other photographers but I can say that the HS10 fits my shooting needs well.

Good luck!!

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