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Re: There is no value for geotagging

So "I've always noted ..." is not anally retentive, but geotagging is? Double standards maybe?

Where does it say that you have to "let people know where ..."? I use geotagging instead of "noting". Since I already have GPS with me when on location it just make sense to me. It's simpler to have that information embeded in the picture than to look for notes. And it offers possibilities, today and in the future, that I may not realize now.

Do you see the point now?

pete zeugma wrote:

I dont see the point.. I've always noted where I've shot a photo, and I keep that information to myself. Its all part of the planning. Why would I want to let people know where I've shot photos.. so they can then go and pinch my locations!

Geotagging has to be the most anally retentive thing next to writing down the numbers of trains and planes!

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