Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

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Re: Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

Red Rubi 08 wrote:

Hello - for those of you who own the HS-10 I wanted to get your opinion. Now that you have bought it, and used it - are you glad you got it, love it, hate it, wished you bought a difference advanced point and shoot, wished you had bought DLSR, etc?

I know there is a ton of stuff already posted on this camera - but simplify it for me and tell me your thoughts if you were in my position. I want a camera that takes good pictures, is fast, and takes good quality video, and has a good optical zoom. The Fuji has all of this if you read the specs - but I want to know if you really think it performs as good as it looks on paper? Is there another Advanced Point and Shoot that has a zoom over 24X that you would recommend over this camera?

I am debating between buying this Fuji HS-10 or the Canon T2i (550D SLR). I know they are two different camera's - but I like the price and simplicity of the Fuji compared to the Canon SLR.

I keep thinking if I choose to go the route of the Point and Shoot - that the Fuji HS-10 is the way to go. Am I making a mistake if I choose to buy this camera?

Thanks for your help!

You need both - in fact, you need three cameras to be a serious photographer:

A compact P&S for convenience (take anywhere), DSLR for quality (for sharp, high IQ, low light, indoors) and a megazoom for fun (nature, birding etc.) Can't replace one with the other.

Fuji HS10 is cream of the current megazoom crop, and you can't go wrong with Canon T2i. Find a good P&S (Canon, Sony or Panasonic) and you are all set.

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