Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

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Re: Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

i've trying to decide between 3 models
Fuji HS-10

  • price 500$

  • slow card write (no unlimited contuous burst mode)

  • average 1080 video (but may to say that is ok for 720p)

Canon T2i (550D SLR) EF-S 18-55 IS + 55-250 IS KIT

  • price (regional) 1400$

  • overheat issue

  • limited shutter resource

  • will be forever married with canon (optics).

Panasonic GH1

  • price (regional) 1600$

  • optics 14-140

So, while i'm lean to HS10 (price per that quality is more adequate for most 9x15cm and some A4 prints)

at second place i'm position GH1, but cost on micro 4/3 whle is not adequate, too small is competitors offer.

550d - good enough, while price drop for canon models per year is approximatelly 500$, so 1 years later that will be ok, but in that time will be new models, that changes market positioning and for left after purchasing hs10 1k$ i'm think we can see many acceptable solutions

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