Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

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Re: Bottom Line - Is the HS-10 a good camera?

The answer to all your questions is available in threads currently running. Suffice to say the real answer will only come from your eyes. Check out the many hundreds if not thousands of images posted here and make the call.
Good luck, Ted

Red Rubi 08 wrote:

Hello - for those of you who own the HS-10 I wanted to get your opinion. Now that you have bought it, and used it - are you glad you got it, love it, hate it, wished you bought a difference advanced point and shoot, wished you had bought DLSR, etc?

I know there is a ton of stuff already posted on this camera - but simplify it for me and tell me your thoughts if you were in my position. I want a camera that takes good pictures, is fast, and takes good quality video, and has a good optical zoom. The Fuji has all of this if you read the specs - but I want to know if you really think it performs as good as it looks on paper? Is there another Advanced Point and Shoot that has a zoom over 24X that you would recommend over this camera?

I am debating between buying this Fuji HS-10 or the Canon T2i (550D SLR). I know they are two different camera's - but I like the price and simplicity of the Fuji compared to the Canon SLR.

I keep thinking if I choose to go the route of the Point and Shoot - that the Fuji HS-10 is the way to go. Am I making a mistake if I choose to buy this camera?

Thanks for your help!

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