David Pogue not happy with TX5's photo quality

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Re: David Pogue not happy with TX5's photo quality

Goatruckus wrote:

Pogue says that people on the edge of the frame on the TX5 look like, "they’re printed on stretched Silly Putty, their heads puffing out bizarrely".

I have the same special effects on my HX5V.

Gadzooks Batman that's bad! I've had similar, but not nearly as bad, distortions with 25mm wide Panasonics. I tried to not put heads near the edges, but honestly you can't always avoid it to get the shot. Zooming in a bit helps, but also makes for a fussy P&S. Actually I gave up and went back to 28mm wide for this reason.

"special effects" LOL... good to have a positive outlook

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