New site - great, but flawed

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New site - great, but flawed


The new look is a massive improvement - I really like it. When did that happen?!? However, I do have a few concerns:

I'm finding it really, really, REALLY slow (almost unusable), and the scrolling panes at the top are blank. Is it because I'm on IE6?

The right hand column on the front page goes on forever. There's no way anyone will scroll down that far, especially as the left column of news stops after about half way.

On the right it says "Top cameras", with "Reviews and specs" underneath. Now I know there's the discalaimer/explanation at the bottom, but I know that people just won't read that far. What they will see is "So, this is THE top camera, according to both reviews and specs!" Maybe "Most popular cameras" or "Most active cameras"?

And finally - I'm think there's too much information in the site to easily see what's what. I would like to know what cameras are well reviewed, current, and in the class of camera I'm looking to buy. Currently I have to wade through a load of reviews, and find it very hard to tell what cameras are current competitors to the camera I am looking to buy. A summary pane showing the top scoring reviewed cameras, with a tab for each of the camera classes, would be brilliant. And as cameras are replaced by newer models, they are removed from that list. You don't have to show the scores, but it's a good place to start looking. My friend nearly bought a 350D recently, because it had great reviews, and as far as he could tell there were no new 3xx series cameras (e.g. 360, 370), so it must be the latest model. It sounds stupid, but it's so easily done.

I hope you find my comments constructive.


Dazed & Confused

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