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HS-10 - Focus ...

... I have read quite a few posts about the HS-10 re : focus.

Personally, and after close to 3,000 images, I find the system works very well, and even in very low light. If I miss focus, it is because I messed up, not the camera.

A couple of things which may help.

If you are shooting at long tele lengths - Set the AE (Auto Exposure) to Center, and the AF (Auto Focus) to Center. This will ensure that the exposure, and also the focus are, well, focused on the subject. Not the surrounding areas.

If you leave AE on Multi, or Average, the camera will look past, or around, your subject and expose for all it 'sees'. The same if you leave it set on AF Multi, it will decide where focus should be, not you.

If you want good focus depth in wide shots, ensure the aperture is set around 5.6, preferably to 6.4. I have found this is the 'sharpest' point. Use AF Area, and move the focus point within the frame to the area you want in focus. Logical, huh ?

Letting the camera select 'infinity' will, at times, not give enough foreground focus. Nor will trying to shoot with a 'wide open' aperture. With a smaller aperture, the DOF will be dramatically increased and allow far more focus tolerance across the scene.

Also, use AE Average. This will give you good exposure across the scene. Unless, of course, you wish to expose at the centre, then use AE Center.

Learn how to use the AF Area system, as this is invaluable for selecting the right focus point in your wide scene. Don't just let the camera decide, you decide.

AF Area is also very useful when doing work where you want, say, a close side subject in focus, and wish the area past the subject, not in focus.

Anyway, play around and see what works for you.

I have found the above is helping me get good results.

With this camera, if you, literally, just point and shoot, you will not always get good results. The HS-10 has a lot of capability. Learning to use it properly will help you get the results you want.

Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

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