A Little Slice of Sunny Life (lots of pics, beware!)

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A Little Slice of Sunny Life (lots of pics, beware!)

I carry the little TX1 with me everywhere I go, so it is always ready for spontaneous snaps when I see something that the photographer in me wants to take. It commutes with me to work, sits in the office, takes a weekend drive up the beach, even goes in the pool with me. I may only snap a handful of photos over a few week period, but all those types of photos that were spontaneuous moments, or times when you weren't planning photography and didn't have the DSLR with you. I thought I'd share some of those, for a glimpse of a week or so of my random life moments, and what South Florida is like this time of year.

First, this was shot in the parking lot at my office when I first arrived for work in the morning. I actually uploaded a 5MP version of this shot to my gallery, as there were times when a few asked about using twilight mode during daylight - and I did use it for this shot. The light was nice, the wind was lightly blowing, and I just took a snap of the view west from my parking spot(not my car in the photo):

There's a wee bit of blur in the tops of the tree branches, but the detail and color come out fairly clear and rich in twilight mode.

Coming home from work one day, I noticed this little dragonfly sitting on the shrub next to my garage...I threw something in the trash can, and he didn't move...so I took out the camera and stuck it in his face...he still didn't move, but just stared me down, so I snapped a shot:

On the weekend, I took a lovely windows-down drive up the coastal road, along the ocean...sun shining, tunes playing. Apparently lots of other folks have the same ideas, as there were plenty of cruisers out. Being South Florida, we have highly unusual numbers of expensive vehicles - BMWs, Mercedes, and Lexus outnumber Toyota and Nissan, and are considered middle-class transportation around here. So when this little Grey Poupon moment happened in front of me, I had to take a snap. Not many places in the World will you routinely come upon a random moment of a Ferrari passing by a Bentley ("Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?"):

Pulling back in my neighborhood, the light was lovely...I couldn't resist while driving around my neighborhood, sticking the camera up out of the sunroof and snapping a shot of a quiet tree-lined street:

That's a large shot...I snapped another in twilight mode and loaded it at approx. 5MP res, for any pixel peepers who are curious. To me, not bad for a tiny chest-pocket compact:

After all that sweaty driving around with the windows down in the heat, the pool was looking mighty inviting!:

Water temperature was a lovely 82 degrees:

A little split-window view - top half for the sunny yard, bottom half for an underwater pool view:

Splish splash in the pool!:

The yard has recovered nicely from the hurricanes of 2004 & 2005. Most of our bushes came through OK, just without leaves. The fence you see in this shot was crushed and knocked down, and where the small fern in the potted plant is sitting used to be a big brick built-in grill which was crushed by the large cypress tree standing just beyond the fence. That tree (the one farthest to the right, a little shorter and brighter green than the big one behind it) is coming back to life pretty well, considering the once 50-foot tall behemoth was knocked over into our pool where it spent 3 weeks before being cut up, with the remaining 12 feet of trunk and root ball tipped back into its hole. Just 5 years later, you can see the tree has grown to around 15-20 feet, and has a good set of leaves growing on the multiple stems of the trunk:

So, that's a week or so in the life of an STFer in Boca Raton Florida, as seen by the TX1!

Comments, questions, critique welcome.

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