Can someone please tell me why these 7D shots are OOF?

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I'm Very Suprised....Nobody has Mentioned DOF.

I don't know...did I miss this somewhere in all the discussion...???

Because at 200 mm, f/4, the depth of field is about 1.32 inches. And that's when your focusing distance is at 10 feet. If you are focusing closer, then your DOF is even smaller. Any movement you add forward or backward can likewise affect DOF.

My opinion???

Take this shot again, but

  • Use a tripod

  • Use a shutter release

  • Dial in an aperture of f/11

  • Try Manual focus, because sometimes lack of contrast at a focal point can easily throw off accurate Auto focus.

Then compare this with your f/4 shot.

Something tells me it's you, not the camera.

Best regards, Mike

Richard Spangler wrote:

I am getting many OOF shots with this camera. I can turn around and take another shot right away and it is fine. I quit using the 19 pt and only the single point and still getting OOF shots for no reason. I don't think its hand movement as I have IS on the 70-200 F4 and using 1/160. When I am looking and the subject through the viewfinder it looks in focus every time. The focal point and the flash is the connector in the middle of the pic. For the red object it is the center. I am not sure how to post the focal points on here.


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