Convince me to buy the 50D

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Convince me to buy the 50D

Hi all,

Due to a recent theft, I have the opportunity to move from Nikon equipment to Canon. The choices are down to the 50D vs the D300s. I'm not really worried about pixel count, so let's ignore that.

The negative aspects of the Canon for me so far are:

-1. Control wheel - it only has the one. So in manual mode or when adjusting settings, neither I nor the shop attendant at Jessops could work out how to change shutter speed in manual mode. I assume that this would also hurt for flash control and other things where I use the two different control wheels.

-2. No remote flash control - the built in flash cannot control a remote flash without extra equipment, while the D300s can control an SB-800

-3. Bad UI on the body - this may just be something I'm used to with my old D200, but there was so much you could do straight on the body without going into a menu, and the controls were all easy to adjust. Just something as simple as adjusting the ISO on the 50D felt cumbersome. I had to use my index finger to hold the iso button and my middle finger to scroll the wheel. On the Nikon, this would be a thumb and index finger job, and feels more intuitive

Having said that, the D50 has a lot of plusses too...

+1. Price - it's a LOT cheaper than the D300s

+2. Lens range - things like the 70-200 f/4 just don't exist in Nikon land. You can go third party, but I've always felt that this is a hole in the Nikon range. Most of my lenses were 3rd party (Tamron and Sigma), but I did have the 70-200 f/2.8 Nikon and it was a thing of true beauty.

+3. Live view is allegedly better, but it's not something I'm likely to use for quite some time.

Both cameras have most of the features I want... micro focus adjustment, mirror lockup mode, self cleaning of dust. The remote flash is really the only missing feature on the Canon that I really used much of on my Nikon.

So I'm pretty sure I'd lose all of the price advantage by the time I've bought 2 flashes instead of just the 1 for the Nikon to do off flash work.

What are the other advantages to the 50D that I should be looking at to help convince myself? Given my tendency to buy 3rd party glass, the holes in the Nikon range don't feel that important. But at the same time, it's a lot more money.

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