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I'd take 50-500 any day over 300/4 + 1.7TC. I never used 1.7 TC. But I shot 300/4 (AF-S version) and TC14EII for a while. IQ is really impressive with TC, but the AF accuracy was not same as naked lens. But AF with 70-200 2.8 VR and TC14 was same as naked lens. So I can't imagine the AF will be anywhere closer to Sigma with 300/4 and TC17.

Having that's been said the AF with Sigma is not same as 500mm F/4 lens. On white birds like gulls the lens may not be great for flying shots. Static subjects are OK.

You have seen the quality of Sigma compared to 500/4 (my previous post) and it's that close. I think 300/4 is same as 500/4 in IQ. So 300/4 with TC cannot be any better than Sigma at 500mm. This is my opinion.

Second thing is the OS. I can get consistent result at 1/125 sec hand held. I can't imagine getting same result with 300/4 and TC hand held. As you may know the shutter speed is not the only issue. You can't even frame the subject with moving lens at 500mm.

Another important factor is zoom. I was after sharpness when I started shooting birds. Now after a while I realize my best shots are not the sharpest ones. So a great frame is more important than a tack sharp image. Hope this helps

Here're some of my recent shots.

Good luck with youre decision

FernandoBatista wrote:

Great work.

This lens looks quite impressive indeed. I never been a fan of zooms, let alone 10x zooms, but the results you and Drip01 are getting are really good.

If you don’t mind me asking, in your opinion witch gives the most quality? The 50-500 at 500 or the 300mm F4 with the TC1.7? If I remember correctly you also had the 300 F4.

The 300mm plus TC is better than the older 50-500 (or the 150-500 or the tamron 200-500) but what about the newer OS version?

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