To re-visit a conversation here on Apple's iPad . . .

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To re-visit a conversation here on Apple's iPad . . .

"iPad Killer? We can't even get an iPad challenger "

I laughed at the time of the iPad's release when in a discussion here regarding the iPad's application for photographers, it was referred to as another 'Me Too' device from Apple.

DPR member quote: "With its ARM processor and very limited multitasking capabilities, this device is nothing more than a large iphone. While this is cool for small apps, it nears impotence for real work.

Consider the alternatives like the Archos and the new slate which HP demoed a few weeks ago. These run a full version of Windows 7 and have 'real' processors. The advantage is that you get all the cool new features of a multitouch tablet and the ability to run your 'legacy' apps if desired. You also get speech and handwriting recognition for added input methods.

Looks like the 'alternatives' were the actual 'Me Too' devices.

FYI, yeah, I know, could have gone in another forum, but the previous post had over 100 entries, figured some might want a follow-up.

Later, All

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