My GH1 seems to choose lower ISO/ with slow shutter please help

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Re: My GH1 seems to choose lower ISO/ with slow shutter please help

kodakoid wrote:

gburgos wrote:

What Mode: P and iAuto
Auto ISO: is set to off
ISO set to auto

I see the problem. You want to get out of iAuto mode and select Auto ISO in P,A,S mode. iISO selects the lowest ISO/shutter speed combination instead of the highest.

I also tried manually setting the camera to ISO 800 it then went to 1/60-1/50 which looked good until I uploaded it to my computer the color is very dry

Bump up the color saturation? Colors are less vibrant in in low light. It's got something to do with physics but our brains still tell us that we're still looking at reds, blues,etc.

Ok here's the bad news. Even if you do get shutter speeds up to acceptable levels, image quality at higher ISOs past 800 isn't that great. I use a second camera for low light shots (Canon Rebel XS and now the Olympus E-PL1 with f/2.8 lenses but these cameras also have their quirks).

I tried the changes you recommended but found little change in the cameras choice of ISO or shutter speed actually no change except when i used iISO the opposite occurred the camera actually did step up the ISO when i saw that the subject was not static. However compared to the E-pl1 I’m not seeing where this camera delivers in photo quality especially with the 14-140 lens. My S90 is better in indoor photos. This camera take OK photos outside as all cameras do. The E-p1-2 does not have a flash witch i have to have as a fill light so they are not an option. i am really lost on what to do but with the GH1, 20mm lens, extra batt i will say i have spent too much $$ for just ok pictures. The epl1 feels like a toy i don’t know what to do! the panny seem not to live up to the hype and Oly has omitted some important stuff. I have considered a lot of cameras and the GH1 may be as good as it get for meeting the most of my needs. Can you think of any other small camera that has what im asking for?

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