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Re: Only one simple explanation.....

Scott Larson wrote:

J DT wrote:

Scott Larson wrote:

J DT wrote:

$5000 is expensive even for the D3s, but for a crop camera $5000 is just crazy .

Except that we've been paying $5,000 for "crop cameras" since the original 1D and they have been producing images that are identical to "full frame" cameras. $5,000 for a greatly improved version of the 16 megapixel 1Ds Mark II (which was $8,000) is a huge bargain.

I cannot disagree more. The 1DsMkII is old tech, so the 1DMkIV will obviously beat it in ISO performance. But I am willing to bet that the 1DsMkII will still outperform the 1DMkIV in lower ISO image quality, just because it is full frame.

"Outperform" in what way? The only way a full frame camera will outperform a 1.3X crop at low ISO is if the lens is already soft in the center at that resolution. That might be a problem with some cheaper lenses but not the ones I use.

None of the lenses you have are perfect, at least not at all apertures.

Even if they were comparable, $5000 is not that much less than $8000, considering the number of years difference between these two.

OK you think $5,000 is expensive however you don't think it's "much less than $8,000", another $3,000. You're using math I'm unfamiliar with.

It is logarithmic math. $5000 is not even one stop down from $8000.

It is not arbitrary. Each and every lens has been specifically designed for a 36mmx24mm image area.

No, they all project a circular image. Just take any of your "36mmx24mm" lenses and put a piece of paper where the sensor would be. Look at how much of the round image that's being thrown away, even on so-called "full frame" sensors.

You are wrong. Every lens is designed to project a specific image circle for a specific sensor size. EF-S lenses are designed for 22mmx15mm, EF lenses for 36mmx24mm, and TSE lenses for an even larger image circle to allow shifting. There is not even one lens designed for the 1.3x crop 1D. Face it, the 1.3x crop factor is nothing but an ugly hack. A compromise to allow Canon to manufacture the sensor cheaper, so that they can make more money.

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