Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

I'm not Photog23 but I can answer this one. Given the right geotagging software your pictures and GPX files do not have to be in same directory. They can be wherever you put them.

There are three things geotagging software needs to know:
1) Where your pictures are
2) Where your GPX files are
3) What is the time difference between GPS time and your camere time

1) All pictures in one folder, or in many subfolders, good geotagging software will be able to find them.
2) One or many GPX. In same folder where pictures are, or in separate folder.

3) You should be able to specify time difference between GPS time (correct time) and your camera time, down to a second. That includes time zone and DST. Easiest way to do it is to take one shot of GPS screen where time is shown. Then, later, at home, you can check what the time difference is between GPS time shown on picture and picture's time in EXIF metadata.

In my opinion, best geotagging software for Windows is Geosetter ( ). It's feature rich, it's user friendly, and it's free.

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