Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

To sync the images with the GPS data, I put both the GPX and the image files into the same directory, just for simplicity sake. However, GPicSync allows you to specify the location of GPX file and image files separately. When you run GPicSync, it writes the GPS location into the images as Exif data, stored with the file, just like any other Exif data. It DOESN'T change the date and time on the files or anything like that. Thus, once synced, the GPS data in the images is independent of the GPX file and you can move them to a different computer if you want. I save the GPX file, however, because it gives track data that I like to look at later.

If you have a GPS that writes GPX tracklogs (Garmins do, I know, for others ask the manufacturer), I suggest you sync times between the GPS and camera, turn on both, and go out and take some shots. Come back, download your GPX and images, install GPicSync and see for yourself how it all works.

Here's the URL for GPicsync:

Let us know how it goes.

CameraCarl wrote:

Photog23: You said that you "simply connect my Garmin to my computer and download the track log (GPX file) to my computer. Of course, I use my Compact Flash card reader to load the pictures into the directory with the GPX file. I use (free) GPicSync to sync the pics by date/time based on GPX and pics." What do you mean that you load the images from the card reader into the directory with the GPX file? If we assume you set up a file folder with, for example, the trip name (Grand Canyon), do you then download the GPX file into Grand Canyon? So you now have one file under Grand Canyon. If you shot several cards full of images, can they be loaded into different subfolders under Grand Canyon? Or do they have to go into the subfolder with the GPX file in it?

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