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Re: Sony Vegas Movie Studio or PowerDirector

Vegas has the ability to render many different formats. So the answer to your question depends on 2 things: (1) what quality/resolution will you be happy with, and (2) how long are you willing to wait.

As I noted it is hard to predict what anyone's render times will be like. A single disk is def. a slower-downer. You didn't mention which CPU you have but my guess is it will have only 2 CPUs. That is not a lot.

For viewing on a PC you can probably get by OK with 800x600 and stereo sound. This is not nearly as demanding a workload as full HD with 5.1 surround sound. So I'd guess your render times would be in the 6 - 10X real time range. But I could easily be wrong.

The NTSs/PAL issue is not significant. The reason is that the difference between framerates is not large: NTSC = 30 FPS (60 cycle power) and PAL = 25 FPS (50 cycle power.) Vegas lets you make all these choices at render time.

Note that you can download a fully functional copy of Vegas from the Sony site. It will run for 30 days which will give you plenty of time to check it out. Ditto for PowerDirector. Vegas has a more complicated interface than PowerDirector but it (Vegas) has better capabilities (IMHO) and was the right choice for me. Be sure to run Vegas's "How do I..." tutorials - they are excellent.
Birk Binnard

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