Ideal fixed lens rangefinder?

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Re: Ideal fixed lens rangefinder?

It would be nice indeed.


Just as with the size increase from film SLR cameras to FF DSLR one of the main problems is the depth of the sensor contra film (in essence film takes up next to no space, whereas you need several mm for your sensor, plus the depth and size of your screen.

Now taking away the screen and shooting all through the viewfinder using manual focusing on the lens with a rangefinder system would make for a smaller camera.

Do notice however that the 4/3 sensor both gives you superior resolution and better dynamic range than your 110 film so you do win something on the bigger camera.

Another and not unimportant part is the increased processing power used in modern cameras. No longer is is "just" measuring light and setting aperture and shutterspeed. Light is measured in an increasing and user controlled way (spot, matrix, avarage, weighted avarage, what not) white balance is measured and calculated. There are also many more subsystems in new cameras that were impossible before, facial recognicion etc. comes to mind.

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