Portrait w/ 1 430EX II in a 45" Westcott Halo

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Re: Portrait w/ 1 430EX II in a 45" Westcott Halo

He is talking more about the distortion effect you get from using a wider lens. It is unflattering pretty much all the time. General consensus is that you want a lens of at least 70mm to get a natural, more flattering perspective. Cropping a wider shot will still leave distortion and therefore, will not work.

Obviously in some situations you may not be able to use a long lens due to space etc. Lens distortion can be corrected in PS to an extent but again it will never give as natural a result as using a traditional 'portrait lens'.

Also the '70mm+ rule' applies regardless of your sensor, you cant use a 50mm lens on a crop (APS-C) sensor and get the same result (even though it gives a 75mm equivalent). Its all down to the lens design.

Hope that helps a little, sorry for the essay!
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