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P Mode suggestions

DonnaDB wrote:

I've been studying the manual but having difficulty finding any information on P-mode.

P Mode, which I use almost exclusively with my s90, is an automatic mode that, unlike full auto, lets you tweak various settings. The setting I change most is Exposure Compensation when shooting in bright outside light, and white balance when shooting inside in low light. I also often use AE-Lock in bright light.

In P-Mode you can assign functions to the front control ring, the rear control dial and the shortcut button. Here are my settings for P Mode, which I change when necessary:

  • Shooting mode

  • Auto Focus frame — Center, normal size

  • Metering — Evaluative

  • Image Stabilization: Shoot Only

  • Sensitivity – Auto ISO

  • Exposure Compensation: -1/3 to - 2/3 for outside photos

  • Control ring - assigned to ISO (automatically sets the control dial to Exposure Compensation)

  • Shortcut button – AE Lock

  • iContrast - OFF

  • Custom colors — increase saturation, decrease red (both by one tick)

  • Flash – OFF

  • Auto focus assist lamp — ON

  • Red-eye mode — OFF

  • White balance — AUTO

  • Digital Zoom — OFF

These settings may not be suitable for everyone, but they work most of the time for me. I offer them here as they might give you some idea where to look in the s90 manual to learn more about using P Mode.

Refer to the manual with camera nearby to try various settings. Take plenty of test photos. If you have additional questions as you're learning, don't hesitate to ask.
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