Luminescence Issue EyeOne Display2

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Re: Luminescence Issue EyeOne Display2

vdotmatrix wrote:

i used the 5000k lighting print srd instead of the ntsc 6500 std so it would cal.

At the'6500K, setting the rgb to 100% produced 4400k.

this is the giveaway. this means that your monitor cannot get enough brightness anymore it is too tired. sorry you gota buy a monitor. try- &nf=177~0~174492&s=dhs& ck=anav

i tried to calibrate @6500k using spec settings for lum and kelvin, even using different lumin targets but for 120lumin, i could only reach 60ish-max for all target cals at this temp.

CONCLUSION: color rgb graphs not linear, with blue channel much lower. target luminosity unachievable.

MONITOR needs to be euthenized.

Any recomendtions for a monitor under $300? do you guys like portrait display?

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