Good compact camera is as good as DSLR (if not better).

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Re: Good compact camera is as good as DSLR (if not better).

wy2lam wrote:

Before the K-7 it was K20D's sensor vs D300's. And in general terms yes, a lot of us would agree that it is better than the D300 sensor.

However, the same sensor can have different "intragenerational" iterations, or that electronics around the sensors alters the noise characteristics differently.

It just turns out that the iteration from D300 to D90/D5000/K-x was a slight improvement, while that from the K20D to the K-7 was a slight deterioration.

I don't think when the 50D was compared to the D300, people were complaining about its high ISO IQ, so I don't see even if the K-7 scores lower than the D90 or D5000, whether the complaints are worth the while - after all, with its terrible high ISO IQ, it looks to me solidly better than that from the 50D, a body that people generally think has excellent high ISO IQ if only because it's a C*non.

This phenomenon makes the entire debacle looks more like an ego problem than a technical one .

zepzr wrote:

wy2lam wrote:

There's no problem with Pentax's health. K-7's high ISO performance is on par with the D300 and better than the 50D, it only became an issue when the D5000 and the K-x came out.

D5000 is older than K7. As is D90 and D300 with the similar Sony sensor. It only became an issue whern Pentax also got a camera model than had a Sony 12 MP CMOS sensor. Before that Pentaxians just pooed pooed cameras like D300, D90 and used to claim that Samsung sensor is better.

There is indeed a huge problem with ego here. So defensive, so rude, and so unhappy some of the posters are, that we newbies can only assume that there is so inferiority complex in some Pentax users.

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